News & Articles - Why Running Is Good For You


The benefits of running go far beyond losing weight. Running is healthy for the body and for the mind. Running has a great effect on the high density lipoproteins. High density lipoproteins are a mixture of almost equal amounts of proteins and lipids functioning as transporters of cholesterol within the blood. High levels could mean less risk of contracting diseases such as coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.


Running Is a Cardiovascular Exercise Sure to Work up a Sweat
Running is also a good cardiovascular exercise that can be done on an aerobics machine such as a treadmill but doesn't always require the use of those expensive aerobics machines. You could go for a run around the neighborhood or run track at the park to work up a good sweat and still reap the benefits staying in shape produces. However, if a run through the neighborhood or track isn't for you or you just want to be social when you work out, you could also stop by the Pinecrest Fitness facility within the Pinecrest, South Miami, Miami and South Florida areas. It's an excellent choice of gyms to get you started on your path to the healthiest lifestyle.


Running helps to tone the body by tightening and toning leg muscles. It also works the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. Running can be done in various ways to get the type of workout sought from it. It can be done standing in place while trying different methods like lifting your legs higher and increasing your pace or you could simply run regularly. Running can be also tiresome, ask someone out of shape that's ever had to run to catch a bus or a cab. It does increase your heart rate and breathing but it's one of the most beneficial things for the body that will allow you to gain control over those things.


Running Is Great for Calorie Burning, Mental Health, and Confidence to do What You've Never Thought Possible


Running in place or even on a treadmill could burn up to 690 calories per hour dependent on how much an individual already weighs. Some people run not for the physical fitness it can give but for the mental benefits. One runner once quoted that through running he had the opportunity to be free of the world. His mind was at ease, his problems were behind him, his body and soul was in a healthy state.


Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Surely you've seen how fast and physically fit the runners are and wish you could get in shape like that. Stop wishing because it is possible to get in shape enough to run your very first marathon. It doesn't have to be a national event, you don't have to be a professional runner to join a marathon and run for charity. As you can see, running does have its benefits that go far beyond just running. Running creates excitement, it recreates a time of innocence within us all when were children who raced our brothers, sisters, cousins, or whoever to the corner or even to the refrigerator to get that last bottle of Sunny D.


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